Transactional Follow-up


In our experience, 2 out of 3 (67%) installations, modifications or activations work perfectly. This means that 33% of your customers are about to be disappointed; and every step thereafter hurts your performance. We can help you avoid this. In fact, our clients have increased the percentage of their customers who consider themselves “very satisfied”.

Companies that prioritize customer experience generate 60% higher profits.

- Customer Thermometer, 2012

Using proprietary insight methodology, Utopia Image works with you to design and manage the supporting processes and infrastructure that help you optimize EVERY CUSTOMER satisfaction & ENGAGEMENT POINT. The exact scenarios that trigger follow-up actions or return visits can be identified and corrected.

Not only do we make the follow-up calls that allow you to follow-through, we also address any potential issue within minutes, instead of the tired “24 to 48 hours, we appreciate your patience” – because your customer may not have the time, or the patience.

Remember: your customer shouldn’t have to do the work for you. Utopia Image removes the burden from your customers – and from you; we acquire, manage and analyze the data, providing you with real-time actionable feedback to help you shine. Insight is everything.

Your customers will love you for it.

To set up a pilot project that will reveal the opportunities for ARPU growth, click here. You will be amazed at the data that can be accessed in real-time and how quickly you can use it to improve customer satisfaction and lower operating costs.