Marketing Research

If you are not engaging with your customers, the competition is.

A good player knows where the ball is. A GREAT player knows where the ball is going to be.

- Wayne Gretzky (slightly modified)

Make every interaction count. Using proprietary insight methodology, Utopia Image helps you understand and connect with your customers, who can provide us with some of the most valuable strategic data and consumer insight to help you run a more successful department. Let us mobilize our marketing research unit on your behalf and put on your seatbelt; we built this division for the fast lane.

We will help you discover where you should go next.

  • Marketing research
  • Service Mix
  • Focus groups
  • Brand equity
  • Benchmarking
  • Competitive analysis
  • Demand Forecasting
  • New Product Development
  • Price Analysis and Segmentation
  • Customer Retention & Loyalty Programs

Uncover the answers that will drive your winning strategies.

Every bit of data is a piece of the puzzle. Utopia Image helps you put it together while you focus on the big picture. Personas, habits, trends; we adapt to every organization, digging deep into the marketing research, looking for the meaning and personal relevance of it; in the end, customer experience is about people. We help you understand the data and simplify the processes, every time.

Find out how customers perceive your brand. Insight is everything.

Click here to look into a pilot project for your organization. You will be amazed at the data that can be accessed in real-time and how quickly you can use it to improve customer satisfaction and lower operating costs.