Our History

“Anthony,” he said, “All of our KPIs are green, but I KNOW that our customers aren’t happy - and this is a very big problem for us.”

As he said it, the Chief Executive of a large European Telecom provider looked me in the eye and through his stare, his message was clear. The telecom industry was more disconnected from its customers than ever before and several CEOs were all too aware that “what we are doing right now isn’t working.”

On the return flight, I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said, and about the solutions that could give him the real information he needed – solutions which were clear to me, even if they didn’t exist. Yet.

The next day, I announced to the entire organization that Utopia Image would grow from a market research company to a fully-integrated customer experience agency.

Nearly 10 years later

and now 300-people-strong, Utopia Image has become the first fully-integrated Customer Experience Agency, and our markets have expanded from Telecom carriers to several industries which play a key role in their markets and economies.

Anthony Lacopo, President and Founder, Utopia Image.

Utopia Image is a fully-integrated Customer Experience Agency. that helps businesses take better decisions, implement them more effectively and have happier, more loyal customers.